Britta Jürgens and Matthew Griffin, the architects who run Miniloft, designed the lofts to make your experience in Berlin as memorable and personal as possible.

They choose materials to reflect the unique mix of elegant and hip that is such a part of Berlin's identity. The building has won several prizes, and been published in magazines and books around the world.

The Transformation

The Miniloft building was built on the property Hessische Str. 5 in two phases from 2001 to 2004. It is a complex interweave of renovation and new construction.

When they bought the property in 1999, the rear wing which now houses the Classic lofts, was a run down building from the 1890s typical of Berlin-Mitte.

In the first phase the architects completely transformed the narrow original wing by renovating the existing apartments to create the Classic and Compact lofts.

In the second phase, the modern Miniloft building was constructed in the overgrown bomb site at the front of the property. Its three bent stainless-steel ribbons embrace the existing rear wing behind and navigate between the buildings on either side.

The Classic and Compact lofts are located in the renovated rear wing, and the modern Extroverted and Introverted lofts are located in the new building at the front.

The Feeling

The Minilofts face south and west. When the sun shines, the light plays – sparkling across the sanded cement floor. The distinct mix of materials and furnishings radiates a personal interpretation of Berlin, its design gives your experience of the city a solid foundation.

This architectural highlight is the perfect place to indulge in the modern luxury of pure space.

You can find out more about the architecture and design at

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