Many tourist come to Berlin with old guides and they look for the Tacheles, without knowing that it is unfortunately closed since 2012.

Tacheles, few minutes walk from Miniloft and on the other side of the road from the New Synagoge, was the most popular squat and alternative art house in Berlin. It was originally a shopping arcade in 1908, a show room for the General Electric Company in the late 20s. Destroyed in the war and after many years abandoned, on the 13th of February 1990, just after the fall of the wall and two months before the planned demolition, the group Künstlerinitative Tacheles occupied the building and turned it into the most popular art house of Berlin, with a club, cinema and bar.

For this reason, the German artist Stefan Schilling, who was part of the Tacheles, presents its work TACHELES 27 in a photography book and exhibition about Tacheles at the Klassenfeind Gallery in Oranienburger Str. between the 11th of February and with a special surprise planned to take place at 11:00h on on the 13th.

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