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Greek Film Festival

The 9th edition of the Greek Film Festival in Germany will take place in Berlin. It will show thirty films of various genres and topics, from documentaries to shorts, including 5 international premieres. This year's theme is 'we choose the bloody BIG screen', which places horror films under the spotlight.

The German-Greek Cultural Association is responsible for upholding the events' noble mission to promote up-and-coming Greek but also Cypriot filmmakers. Aside from the screenings, there will also be exhibits and discussion panels, as well as networking events, where visitors and industry professionals will have the opportunity to exchange impressions. There will also be a Masterclass side event with artist Asteris Kutulas, winner of the Hans Vogt Award, about stage design technique and its symbiosis with all the other elements that make up a film: sound, light, stage, etc.

The venue is the 1920s cinema Babylon, today mainly focused on special events, indie festivals, Art House productions and the likes. The festival will take place over the course of 5 days, between 20 – 24 March, in the historic silver-screen landmark, Babylon Kino in Mitte, around Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, just a few minutes away by foot from Miniloft Mitte. Programme is available on the official website.

Family and Kids

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Writing workshop for kids: Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs

Who did not have an Ancient Egypt phase in childhood? It is understandable why these workshops at the Neues Museum in Berlin are so appealing to kids.

Introducing kids to a Hieroglyphs workshop is an exciting and engaging way to dive into the mysteries of ancient Egypt, capturing their imagination with a journey through time.

The workshop provides a hands-on experience, allowing children to decipher the intricate symbols and create their own messages. Here, kids not only learn about the rich history of Egyptian civilization but also gain an appreciation for the importance of written communication in ancient cultures.

Creating personalized Hieroglyphs messages encourages creativity and problem-solving as children decode and encode their names or secret messages in the unique pictorial language.

The next appointment takes place on the last Saturday of March, in the Neues Museum, on Museum Island, in Mitte. If you do not manage to catch the next event date, there will be others! Always on the weekend.

Mandatory registration for participation. More information here.

Gastronomy and Trade Fairs

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Berlin Chocolate Festival

Get ready to embark on a journey of decadence and delight at the upcoming Chocolate Fair – Berlin's first! The event is sure to tantalize taste buds and redefine perceptions of chocolate by showcasing its versatility. Visitors will experience the exquisite craftsmanship of artisanal chocolatiers and pastry chefs, presenting a dazzling array of handcrafted gourmet truffles, bars, bonbons and cakes, but also savory snacks! Be prepared for surprising flavor combinations as you experience the fusion of cocoa with spices, fruits, and more, proving that chocolate is not just a treat but a versatile ingredient.

Discover the health benefits of chocolate as our nutrition experts share insights on how dark chocolate, in moderation, can be a superfood. Explore the antioxidant-rich and mood-boosting qualities that make chocolate more than just a sweet indulgence.

The very first Berlin chocolate festival is taking place in just a few weeks.

16, 17 March at Arena Market Berlin. For further info and tickets, check out this website.


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Samuel Beckett's Happy Days – Irish culture on Berlin's stage

The English Theater of Berlin is staging "Happy Days" by Samuel Beckett in the context of the Zeitgeist Irland 2024 initiative, which intends on promoting Irish culture in Germany.

Written in 1961, the play remains relevant to contemporary audiences as it delves into universal themes of existential angst, isolation, and the human struggle for meaning. In a world that often feels uncertain and challenging, the play prompts reflection on the resilience of the human spirit and the pursuit of purpose amid adversity. Additionally, the examination of time and routine resonates with the modern experience of navigating through the complexities of daily life. Beckett's exploration of isolation and the search for significance in seemingly mundane moments offers a timeless perspective on the human condition, inviting audiences to contemplate their own existence and relationships in the context of the challenges of today's world.

The play is directed by Walter D. Asmus and stars Mary Kelly. It will be on stage until mid-June at the English Theatre Berlin. Additional details available online.

For other Irish events in Berlin, visit the Zeitgeist Ireland 2024 official website.


copyright: Staatsoper unter den Linden 7 Marcus Ebener

Festtage: Opera Festival 2024

Since 1996 Berlin has enjoyed its very own Opera Festival in one of its most glittering opera houses. This year the Festtage will once again present memorable concerts and opera performances in the grand stage of the Berlin State Opera, thus kickstarting the Spring season in great style.

The highlights are the German epic saga "The Ring of the Nibelung" by Richard Wagner in all its parts, and the Opernkinderorchester (children's opera orchestra), namely in their performance of music by beloved 19th century Czech composer, Antonín Dvořák. The latter will be conducted by Zubin Mehta, resident conductor of the Staatskapelle.

There will also be a performance of Anton Bruckner's 8th Symphony, in honor of his 200th birthday.

The events will mostly take place from 18 March – 1 April at the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, in the magnificent boulevard that connects Alexanderplatz to the Brandenburger Tor, although some performances will be at the Philharmonie Berlin, near the Tiergarten – the "central park" of Berlin. Both locations are more or less equidistant from our two hotel locations: Miniloft Mitte and Miniloft Kreuzberg.

Programme and tickets are available here.


copyright: Tchoban Foundation / Museum für Architekturzeichnung Berlin

Sauerbruch Hutton – drawing in space

We have spoken about the Tchoban Foundation in our December 2023 top events blog post, they are a trust which is behind Berlin's Museum for Architectural Drawing (Museum für Architekturzeichnung). Here, regular architecture exhibits are held, often gathering rarely-seen works that are always meticulously curated and presented. The Museum itself is a contemporary marvel of style, and its interior does not fall behind. For this alone, a visit is in order, at least for architecture buffs.

Our suggestion for March is the exhibit on the work of Matthias Sauerbruch and Louisa Hutton, founders of Sauerbruch Hutton, the once-London-based architecture firm now calling Berlin its home.

The topic is "drawing in space", and focuses on the sensorial experience of the space, of which colour is an important element. Assembled are two to four-dimensional drawings in different styles and techniques, all studies and architectural details exploring different ideas of spaces that stimulate their visitor, engaging and surprising their perception of these surroundings.

On the second floor, the exhibit continues into an installation about two of the senses most intimately connected with the experience of space: sight and touch.

This temporary exhibition takes place until beginning of May at the Museum für Architekturzeichnung of the Tchoban Foundation in Mitte, not too far from our Miniloft Mitte Apartment Hotel.

Further information here.

Arts & Multimedia

copyright: 2024 khroma 1 new media art center

There is a new media art center in Berlin where visitors can immerse themselves in installations and experience digital art first hand. Khroma, as it is called, is located in an area of Berlin known for its nightlife, creativity and system-defiant attitude.

One of the main differences from other cultural spaces is its embrace of technology and interactivity to create compelling experiential events, ranging from concerts to exhibits. It is the newest multimedia hub of the German capital. Propelling Berlin into the future, it pushes art into the path of accessibility and democratization, in order to allow more people to access and engage with artistic creation, expanding their mind and their senses on a deeper level.

As technology continues to evolve, new tools and techniques emerge in the digital art realm. Artists can leverage these advancements to push the boundaries of creativity, experimenting with virtual reality, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Something special happening in March in this new digital media hotspot is the immersive audiovisual event "A Walk with… S. Salter", which is presented together with a Khroma exhibition. The sound is created by artists Samuel Ruddick and Jeremia Reichen, and its performance "tells a story of nostalgia" and a "longing for 'home' while admist solitude" - as the press release goes -, combining piano and field recordings with an immersive visual performance. The visuals are by artists Sam McCormick and Seb Price.

The concert takes places on the 28 March, which is World Piano Day. The venue is Khroma, in RAW-Gelände, the old industrial complex on Revaler Strasse, in the notably artistic Friedrichshain district. More information on the event and space here.


Art Gallery hosts Stand-up Comedy Game Show

The comedy scene in Berlin has been thriving these last years. Most of the times, it is the usual stand-up gig you can catch in every other world capital, but every now and then, there is something more unusual that captures theattention.

Tor218 Artlab is an intimist art gallery and art forum, if you will, offering an alternative to the commercial galleries abundant in Mitte. Their exhibitions feature contemporary artists of different backgrounds and how work with very different media from one another. Their exhibits are therefore always quite surprising and varied: at times photography, at times conceptual installations, at times painting and sculpture.

The Artlab venue also enjoys a terrace and a bar, so it works a bit differently from your usual local gallery; aside from the usual vernissages and finissages - and everything in-between – there are also regular soirees and entertainment, from salons to music and even comedy.

Their current Friday-night programme is most intriguing: a stand-up comedy event in the game show format. In a way, a variation of the concept of "crowd work" that is popular in stand-up comedy, as it directly engages the audience and transforms what could otherwise be a rehearsed routine into a unique performance and experience, full of unexpected exchanges.

The event is hosted every Friday night at Galerie & Bar Tor218 Artlab, a few minutes walking from Miniloft Mitte. Tickets and further information here.

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