For our game enthusiasts we have picked out one of the liveliest billiard saloons in Berlin. Billardaire has been thriving for almost 30 years in one of the hippest locations in the city, at the heart of Schöneberg, right near the popular Kleistpark.

Every night it is filled with anyone from professional snooker players, to first time carambolage players, average pool players and of course your average Friday night-thrill-seekers. Attached to a lovely little bar, the billiard hall has twelve pool tables, three snooker tables, and one carambolage table.

If you are looking for an evening in a bar drinking a cocktail and eventually playing a game of pool, this is not the right place for you. But if you are planning on having your beer balance on the edge of the table with your cue aimed at the white ‘cue ball’ while you tell your companion to “watch this!”, then this is the place for you.

Call ahead to reserve a table or you might be lucky and only have to wait a short while until a table frees up if you decide to swing by unannounced. We would not recommend to take that risk though as it is a very popular destination for Berliners on any given night. Like many of Berlin’s venues, Billardaire is open late into the night up till two o’ clock in the morning. For a pool table you pay between 7.- and 8.- Euros per hour and you can play for as long as your heart desires once you are at a table.

Check out one of our other blogs or ask one of our friendly team members in the Miniloft office if you are aiming for a night with more drinking or dancing and less playing.

For maps and opening times, Billardaire Website

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