If you’re visiting Berlin and are not in the possession of a car, it’s best to take bus 218 to Grunewaldturm (Grunewald Tower). This tower – 55 meters tall – is a wonderful spot for a great view of Grunewald Forest and the river Havel.
The platform on top of the tower is open Monday through Sunday, 10 am-10 pm.

The tower itself is the perfect starting point for an exploration of the forest. The Brick Gothic architecture, mosaics and marble statue are reminiscent of the time is was built.

In 1897, the tower was constructed for the King of Prussia and Emperor of Germany, Wilhelm I, who had died in 1888. Architect Franz Schwechten designed the tower on the hill known as Karlsberg. Wilhelm II, reigning emperor and grandson of Wilhelm I, approved the design and the tower was opened just before the turn of the century on 9 June 1899.

After the Second World War, the monument was renamed the Grunewaldturm, is it is still called that today.

From the tower you can start a walk or bike ride through the forest.

For maps and tour suggestion, have a look here.

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