Only 20 minutes walking from Miniloft, you can find probably the best spa in Berlin at this moment. Its name is Vabali, it is very close to the Hauptbahnhof and from the outside you would never guess there was 20,000 m2 of wellness and luxury inside.
The spa whisks you to an exotic land thanks to its Asian decoration, shipped from Bali in 30 containers. Everything is carefully designed and the quality of the pools and its 11 different saunas is supreme.

Despite the €20 Million investment, the prices are similar to other, less awe-inspiring spas in Berlin: 19,50 euro for 2 hours and 26,50 euro for 4 hours.
There is an outside area with pools and saunas with different temperatures, as well as an indoor area, where there is also a restaurant and an amazing chimney room. There are also many rooms where to rest, read or sleep.

You can also find a wide portfolio of therapies: classic and thai massages, Ayurveda treatments, Reiki, Shiatsu...

As with any true German spa, Vabalie is Textile-free, this means no swimsuits and just towels for modesty. The saunas are mixed-sex too; but if you embrace the local customs, you’ll find it to be a very freeing experience!

It is a perfect place where to go alone, with friends or with your partner.
It is also possible to hire the towels and bathrobes and there is a private parking for clients.

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