Berlin is a photographer’s paradise – the sheer variety in architecture, city textures and those surprising wide open spaces that seem to pop out of nowhere offer plenty of fodder for your Flickr account. And then there are the places that are specially created with photographers in mind. And so we present the OM-D: Photography playground, a kind of pop exhibition come advertisement come photography wonderland made possible through Olympus.

Housed in the soon-to-be-demolished Opernwerkstätten, one of those typically forgotten, cavernous Berlin spaces, Olympus have created an interactive space where you can borrow one of their Olympus OM-D Camera’s and get snap happy. It is, of course, an advertisement for their cameras, but don’t let that stop you exploring the amazing installations and exhibits from a range of artists, including Clemens Behr, Philip Beesley, Dean Chamberlain, Leandro Erlich, Anna Burns and Thomas Brown, Transforma and Maser, which help provide the backdrop for you to get familiar with the camera and the space and particularly explore photographic favourites like light and perspective. Alongside that, there are also workshops and concerts to be found and sampled.

Nothing ever lasts forever, and whilst the OM-D: Photography Playground is in fact the second installation from Olympus, like its predecessor, it’s only a temporary thing. The playground is open until May 25th – so if you happen to be in Berlin at the time, we recommend a visit whilst you can.

OM-D: Photography Playground
10.04-14 – 25.05.14
Zinnowitzer Str. 9
10115 Berlin

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