In the summer there is no end of water-based fun in Berlin. From the Badeschiff to the lakes that punctuate the outer rim of the city, to the numerous Sommerbäde (lidos) that open their doors, splash time is pretty abundant in the city. You may be forgiven for thinking with such a variety of water activities, why need more, but then we’d point you in the direction of the recently opened Plansche (water playground), round the corner from Miniloft at Nordbahnhof as proof that there is no such thing as too much water.

Perfect for younger visitors to Berlin, and also for anyone who remembers running through sprinklers when the temperatures rise, the water playground at Nordbahnhof has been 3 years in the making. Having opened just in time for the sweltering rays in late July 2014, gone is the old paddling pool, with the new water playground focusing on plenty of sprays, pumps, showers and even giant fish.

It’s all been designed for children to run around, cool down and have some fun, bringing to mind a much fancier version of those nostalgic pictures of neighbours playing round bust fire hydrants. But of course, this is Germany, and practicality is never too far away – a textured, anti-slip floor means you’ll stay on your feet, perfect when you are dipping your toe in the water, rather than your whole body.

Water Playground at Nordbahnhof
Invalidenstraße / Ecke Eichendorffstraße
10115 Berlin

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