Because the gay scene in Berlin is not all concentrated in Schöneberg, we would like to point some worth-to-go bars and clubs in Kreuzberg and Neukölln such as Roses, Triebwerk, Möbel Olfe, The Club, SilverFuture and the club The Schwuz, to which we dedicate this post for being the first alternative gay club in West Berlin.

The SchwuZ (Abbreviation for "SchwulenZentrum" or the Gay Center) was founded in 1977 from the homosexual scene and, in contrast to the extensive and partly elitist gay scene of Berlin before that time, the newly founded center did not hide and was freely accessible to all interested parties.

The SchwuZ was the point of crystallization for many projects and activities that had its origin in previous protest, such as the first Berlin Christopher Street Dayin 1979 or the gay town Siegessäule.

In his early years, SchwuZ was located in a factory at Schöneberg, but in 1987 they moved to another factory in Hasenheide and in 1995 to the cellar in Mehringdamm.

In the autumn of 2013, the SchwuZ moved to the former Kindl Brewery, Rollbergstraße 26 (Neukölln) and it is considered an institution in Berlin.

Now keeps attracting large crowds in its 3 dancefloors on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. It is also hetero-friendly and a great place where to enjoy dancing any kind of music depending on the floor and the party.

We also suggest you to check their special events on their website or facebook.

Photos by photographer Guido Woller.

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