Few streets can lay claim to their own festival. But Torstrasse, located just a hop, skip and a stumble away from Miniloft, is not really your average street. With a dizzying mix of eclectic bars densely packed along what is sometimes a seemingly endless road, Torstrasse is the place to indulge your multiple drinking personalities, or hone in on a style that suits. In your face, Notting Hill.

The Classics

Although the area has undergone somewhat of a renaissance for drinking and nightlife, Torstrasse has always known how to party. Your first stop for a classic Torstrasse experience should be Kaffee Burger. Established way back in the GDR, Kaffee Burger is best known as the home of the legendary Russendisko, which still manages to pull in the crowds twice monthly – and in between.

The Hip

The flip side of Torstrasse reflects the wider influx of media and cultural industry within the area. From sipping ever so moreish Kolsch at Bar 3 nearby the members only Soho House Berlin, down to the fancy cocktails Bon Bon bar near Rosenthaler Platz and the Neue Odessa bar falling somewhere in between, these are not just places to go drinking – they are spots to see and be seen.
Butcher's and Mein Haus am See really worth a visit.

The Relatively Rough and Ready

Although there is a drinking mood for the most fickle of thirsts, dive bars are not quite two a penny due to the huge redevelopment of the area. That said, it’s still possible to get your cheaper drinking kicks. The 60’s atmosphere of Muschi Obermaier or Kitty Cheng should come in handy, or try BR101 for a powershot of Brazilian drinking – heavy on the cachaca.

Kaffee Burger, Torstr. 60

Bar 3, Weydingerstr. 20

Bon Bon Bar, Torstr. 133

Neue Odessa, Torstr, 89

Muschi Obermaier, Torstr. 151

Kitty Cheng Bar, Torstr. 99

BR101, Torstr. 69

Fleicherei / Butchers Bar, Torstr. 116

Mein Haus am See, Torstr. 125

Main photo: Mein Haus am See

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