Accommodation and services


Check-in starts at 14:00 (2PM) and check-out ends at 11:00 (11AM).

Miniloft Apartment Hotel GmbH provides guests with self-check-in and self-check-out services, so that no contact with staff is necessary.


Guests arriving earlier than check-in time or departing later than check-out time are welcome to use the luggage room in each hotel location: Miniloft Mitte and Miniloft Kreuzberg. Access details will be provided along with the self-check-in and self-check-out instructions.


Guests in both Miniloft Mitte and Miniloft Kreuzberg have at their disposal a self-service laundry room where they will find a coin-operated washing machine, a dryer, bilingual user instructions as well as eco-friendly and hypoallergenic detergent powder and fabric softener.

We also have drying racks that guests may borrow. We kindly ask guests to return them to the laundry room once they have finished using them, so that they become available to other guests.


Miniloft Apartment Hotel GmbH is engaged in implementing responsible practices towards sustainability. While we do offer a towel replacement service which allows guests to request fresh towels every day, we encourage a less frequent use of this service due to its high environmental impact.


Self-sufficiency is a key component in feeling like being at home while being away from home, so all apartments are equipped with a basic set of cleaning products containing eco-friendly substances.

Guests staying for longer than 10 days may enjoy a complimentary cleaning session per week, which has to be scheduled with our staff in advance. These sessions include a change of bedding and towels.

Additional hotel services may be requested as well: guests staying any length of time have the possibility of booking cleaning sessions at 25 EUR each. These sessions must be scheduled with the staff in advance, and availability may be limited.

Guests may use the designated trash and recycling areas in each hotel to dispose of their waste during their stay. We encourage guests to divide their waste, which is an important practice in Germany. Each apartment contains instructions regarding how to separate the trash.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Miniloft Apartment Hotel GmbH is enforcing additional health and safety precautions for both guests and staff, this includes extra cleaning and disinfection as well as special time periods between guest occupancy and cleaning. We kindly ask our guests to comply with these special regulations in order to guarantee the safety and well-being of themselves, other guests and of our staff.


Children 2 years old and younger can stay for free and will be accommodated in a baby bed. Additional equipment is available for families staying with babies and infants: high chairs, plastic crockery, baby bathtubs, potties, toilet seat adapters. Please contact us when placing your reservation to let us know what you would need!


Miniloft guests in our Mitte and Kreuzberg locations can request rubber bath mats, mattress toppers and toilet seat adapters, as well as shower seats. All equipment must be requested in advance and is subject to availability.

As our Miniloft Kreuzberg location is our newest building, it has two Einfach studio Apartments with the required conditions for wheel-chair accessibility: width of circulation areas and turning points, (wheelchair-ready) open shower cabin with wall support handles and no-access barriers, toilet with wheelchair accessibility, low bed height.

All Apartments in our Mitte location have bathtubs, and all apartments in Kreuzberg have showers.

Most Apartments have elevator access, except for our Classic and Compact Minilofts in Mitte.

Guests who need any further information about accessibility and mobility which cannot be found on our website are welcome to contact our team directly.


As a pet-friendly hotel we welcome guests bringing their furry best friends along. Please contact us prior to your arrival if you are planning on staying with one or more pets. An additional fee of 25 EUR is due for the final cleaning – this amount is paid in total, not per night.


As TripAdvisor’s GreenLeaders, our Miniloft Apartment Hotels are committed to sustainability. In 2013 our building in Mitte won the So-Apart Green Future  Award.

Our buildings are designed to use sustainable methods keeping interiors at a constant, comfortable temperature, and therefore do not have air conditioning. Furthermore, air conditioning is not very common in Berlin, as it usually only gets hot for a week or two in high summer.

The east, south and west facing facades all have sun shades. The Classic and Compact Minilofts in Miniloft Mitte have large trees in front of them which act as natural sun shades. Furthermore, several Minilofts are equipped with ceiling fans, and there are additional floor fans available.

We encourage guests to use passive and ecologically responsible cooling methods during summer, such as night cooling: by opening windows during the night, natural ventilation will purge excess heat from indoor spaces and noticeably reduce peak daytime temperatures, as well as allow for an optimal room temperature for a restful sleep.

Most apartments offer underfloor heating, while the remaining offer a more traditional form of heating: wall radiators which provide a well distributed amount of heat throughout these spaces, including bathrooms. The specifications of each apartment type on our website provides guests with this information.


Smoking is not allowed within hotel grounds – this includes indoor and outdoor spaces in both Miniloft Mitte and Miniloft Kreuzberg. Smoking by the window is also not permitted. The penalty for smoking can amount to 1000 EUR, excluding damages.


In Miniloft Mitte our parking area has a hydraulic system with two floors and a total of 4 parking spaces available. The height is limited and therefore can only accommodate vehicles with up to 1.67 meters height and a length of 4.7 meters.

In Miniloft Kreuzberg we have an underground parking garage with 4 parking spaces available. Because of the height of the parking garage entrance, we can only accommodate vehicles with up to 1.9 meters height.

Each parking space in either one of our hotel locations costs 19 EUR per night. We recommend you book a parking space in advance, as availability is very limited.

Free street parking can also be found in the vicinity of both our hotel locations, although it might be difficult during some days and times of the week.

Because Miniloft Mitte and Miniloft Kreuzberg are both located within the city center, which is now an  Environmental Zone in Berlin, there are regulations to limit fine particle emissions. This means vehicles must display a sticker which can be ordered through this website:

If you rent a car in Berlin, it is very likely it will already have a sticker on it.

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