At Miniloft we recognize our responsibility as global citizens. In order to conserve precious natural resources and the health of our planet, we make environmental stewardship one of our priorities, continually striving to reduce our environmental impact.

The building was designed to reduce environmental impact. It is constructed of high-quality, long-lasting materials. It meets the stringent German standards for insulation. To reduce energy consumption in summer, we installed a sun-shade system, instead of air conditioning, to keep the building cool. We have a grass roof to reduce water run-off, extend roof life, and help clean the air.

In the garden under the trees in our courtyard, we have planted a diverse range of native wildflowers more commonly found on a forest floor.

The electricity used in the Miniloft building comes from NaturWatt, one of Germany's most established suppliers of 100% renewable electricity, such as wind or solar power. They are certified and checked regularly by independent institutions.

Our heating and hot water is produced using a highly efficient gas burning furnace. To minimize its global impact, we purchase carbon off-sets for every cubic meter of natural gas we burn from Atmosfair. They fund only UN-certified Gold Standard climate protection projects, and are widely recognized as Germany's best carbon off-setter. When traveling we also off-set our flight emissions using their website.

All our cleaning products are organically certified and biodegradable. Most of them are made by Ecover.

The soap and shampoo in the Minilofts is provided in reusable bottles and is made by ecological manufacturers Bioturm and Sodasan.

All coffee, tea, and other drinks we supply are also organically grown and fair-trade products.

We have extensive recycling facilities on site, for paper and card, glass, reusable bottles (Pfandflaschen), plastic packaging and an "orange box" for old electronic goods and toys, scrap metal and wood, old clothes and textiles.


In 2014 we were awarded Tripadvisor's GreenLeaders: Gold Status. The GreenLeaders Programme recognizes hotels that engage in environmentally friendly practices, making it easier for travelers to find and book a greener stay. The programme was developed with the US Green Building Council's LEED Certification Program, the United Nations Environment Program, the US Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR program, and other sustainability experts.

Tripadvisor - Green Leaders

In 2013 we won the grüne Zukunft (Green Future) category of the SO! Apart awards in recognition of our efforts to run Miniloft in an environmentally sustainable way.

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